Why choosing an ALFI stacker crane?

Automated storage solutions

The ALFI Technologies group designs, manufactures and installs “stacker cranes”, automated high bay storage equipment. These stacker cranes allow you to optimize your storage and handling operations of bulky or/and heavy loads.

The products handled by these high-performance stacker cranes can be stored directly on racks, on pallets or in sleds in the case of long loads (purlins, boards, beams, etc.).

The group offers different types of stacker cranes. These are adapted to numerous markets (concrete, insulation, logistics, etc.) where their use allows enormous savings in time, space and productivity.

Why choosing an ALFI stacker crane?


Increase your productivity by letting your stacker crane work autonomously, in hidden time.


Storage functions in waiting times and optimization of storage operations.


A solution adapted to the management of multi-reference stocks and that eliminates allocation errors thanks to the WMS integrated by ALFI.

Space saving

Between 40% and 60% footprint reduction for stackable products on two levels.

Discover our range of stacker cranes

Wood stacker crane : for long and bulky products

A stacker crane suitable for long products, such as laths, purlins or beams.

Wood stacker cranes enable to :

  • Facilitate the storage and shipment of long products (up to 13m)
  • Optimize and pre-package orders
  • Secure your storage spaces by limiting the movement of large products

Concrete stacker crane : for molds and XXL concrete products

A stacker crane solution designed for the automated storage of molds for precast concrete.

Concrete stacker cranes enable to :

  • Put the full moulds in the oven and to take them out after drying
  • Manage the release of stock according to production and order requirements
  • Maintain the horizontality of the moulds, thanks to a device that corrects the deflection due to the weight of the mould.
  • Handling of large concrete products (XXL) up to 3T

Logistics stacker crane : for various sized products

A solution for the automated storage of products in various formats, such as rolls, pallets or parcels.

Logistics stacker cranes enable to :

  • Store various products in the same place (incoming and outgoing products in the same place)
  • Secure the follow-up of the products
  • Reduce damages on packages
  • Provide products on ergonomic picking stations

Insulation stacker crane : for insulating panels and plasterboard

3D view of an automated storage system for insulating materials

In order to meet the future logistic needs of insulating material production sites, ALFI Technologies has designed a stacker crane specially dedicated to insulating boards and panels.

These stacker cranes can be placed at the end of the production line or used to manage your stocks of insulating products.