Wedge insertion for paquettizing

paquet isolants sans palettePalletizing lines designed by ALFI Technologies are also suitable for palletizing “without pallet” or paquettizing.

The company developed solutions to replace palletizing on wood pallets by setting wedges/footers.

This equipment enables customers to palletize insulation materials using wedges made of the same material as the one which has to be packaged.

These wedges can be reused as insulation material on the construction site and participate in reducing waste on building sites.

insertin cales solution standard

Each material requires dedicated expertise and appropriate implementation.

Standard insertion principle

Developed for EPS, PU or plaster materials, the standard principle uses gluable wedges: wedges are cut and glued before being brought under a specific roll conveyor which lowers to glue the bottom board to the wedges. Then the packet can be strapped.

>> A reliable process that is adapted to high production rates

insertioncalemineralwoolFor rock wool

Wedges are placed without glue, following a continuous process; an orbital wrapping machine secures the wedges with localized wrapping.

 Automated or robotic units

These units can be entirely automated, from wedge cutting to wedge removal, or semi-automated. They can process up to 90 pallets (with 2 wedges) per hour.vue iso>>The automated, robotic versions enable to place the wedges at the ends of the packet, edge-to-edge.

Wedge type Wedge dimensions
W x L x H
Wood fiber  (50-180)x(1000-1300)x(70-120) mm  Up to180/hour
XPS, EPS   (80-400)x(1000-1300)x(70-120) mm  Up to 240/hour
PU   (80-400)x(1000-1300)x(70-120) mm  Up to 240/hour