• Produção com Vibro Prensa
    facilidade de uso, segurança, ergonomia, inovação

  • Forming – Modular conception
    Efficient conveyor cleaning, optimum sealing

  • Curing owen for mineral wools production
    Suitable for green binders, energy-efficient, smart and connected

  • Heavy clay handling line
    Equipment test before delivery - Alfi Technologies workshop

ALFI Technologies relies on a long expertise in the production of building materials to present an offer dedicated to the manufacturers of:

  • Concrete building materials using the ADLER brand, specialized in the concrete process, the CS MOULES and CHAUDRONNERIE SAVOYARDE molds, to propose solutions for manufacturing by vibrating presses, semi-dry or wet-cast precasting lines, automation of management and supervision for ready-mix concrete stations, …
  • Heavy clay materials using the unmatched FIMEC brand know-how in ANJOU® dryers, handling of heavy and large loads, or special equipment such as wagon cleaners,
  • Mineral wool for insulation thanks to the reception-forming lines and to ACC ovens supplemented by a wide range of equipment that meet all the needs in terms of cutting, packaging, palletizing…
  • plates and laminated products for insulation (by gluing, molding or insertion) for which the group’s know-how in terms of robotics makes it possible to create flexible and versatile units.