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Large format block making machine

An innovative design to produce conventional or light quality blocks with mastered cost efficiency. The A880 press incorporates all the latest innovations developed by ALFI Technologies: control of tamper effort , computarized adjustment of stops, compression time self-correction …

Side view of the A880 ADLER concrete block making machine

Video of our A880 press

Molding capacity of the A880 block making machine

ModelNumber of productsProduction /8hMolding surfaceMax. products height blocks paversMax. products height kerbs
A880 M110 blocks (20x20x50 cm)20 000/25 0001 170 x 1 340 mm40/330 mm300 mm
A880 M212 blocks (20x20x50 cm)
18 blocks (20x20x40 cm)
23 000/28 0001 340 x 1 340 mm40/330 mm300 mm
A880 M318 blocks (20x20x40 cm)30 000/35 0001 340 x 1 340 mm40/500 mm500 mm

Pallets size

ModelFront width (mini/maxi)Length (mini/maxi)Wood boards thicknessSteel boards thickness
A880 M11 250 mm1 400 mm45/65 mm12/15 mm
A880 M21 450 mm1 400 mm45/65 mm12/15 mm
A880 M31 450 mm1 400 mm45/65 mm12/15 mm

Customer testimonial

“The Chavigny Group acquired a new Adler large-format A880 press in 2017 at its Mettray site. After three years of operation, I see the gain brought by this new press design.

The regularity of the production is remarkable. The design of the chassis and the concrete block make residual vibrations disappear and it is not necessary to constantly change the settings. The blocks come out with a regular and controlled height of 1 mm.

We also observe an important increasing of the lifespan of the moulds, approximately 50%, on the Mettray site compared to our other sites, which allows us to make substantial savings.

The A880 press is innovative and efficient, its qualities are confirmed by 3 years of production at an industrial rate. It allows the Chavigny group to gain in terms of quality and production costs.

Stéphane GRAVIER, CHAVIGNY INDUSTRIE Industrial Director