A330 ADLER concrete vibrating press

easy to use vibrating block making machine

The A330 ADLER vibrating block making machine is adapted to the production of French blocks or hollow blocks, flooring blocks, pavers and kerbstones one-concrete.

Cross-section of A330 concrete press
Side view of A330 concrete press

Videos of our A330 concrete press

A330 ADLER press – T2 borders

A330 ADLER press – blocks of 15

A330 ADLER press – Paving stones and triefs

Molding capabilities of the A330 press

ModelNumber of productsProduction /8h *Molding surfaceMolding height mini/maxi
A330 M15 blocks 20x20x50 cm (french)7 2001080 x 630 mm40 / 250 mm
A330 M27,5 blocks 20x20x40 cm (hollow)10 8001080 x 630 mm40 / 250 mm
A330 M1/M225 pavers 10x20x6 cm800 m²1080 x 630 mm40 / 250 mm
A330 M1/M22 kerbstones T22 300 ml1080 x 630 mm40 / 250 mm

* 100 % of capacity – production can vary, depending on the regularity of aggregates, concrete quality, machine settings and the handling type.

Pallets size

ModelFront widthLength
A330 M11250 mm650 mm
A330 M21250 mm670 mm