ACC curing ovens

Thanks to 45 years of experiences and 80 curing ovens installed in 35 countries, ALFI Technologies is an expert for the design of the most efficient and reliable equipment on the market.

New modular curing oven

Aeraulics and components, like fans and burners, of ACC curing ovens are designed to minimize operational costs and maintenance costs. Based on simulation and modeling at early stage of the project, energy consumption related to your product mix is optimized and guaranteed.

These values are regularly checked and the model is verified on full size tests during commissioning of the equipment. The product qualification service help to determine the best operating parameters.

Thanks to its innovative design, the width of the new ACC modular curing oven is scalable to meet new production needs.

Scalable ACC curing ovens designed by ALFI Techologies

Ready for green binder

Enchanced protection of mechanical components against corrosion linked to new binders.


Monitoring of energy performance, new sealing technology.


Safety PLC including protection against fire.

Smart and connected

New interface for monitoring, production tracking software, integrated preventive maintenance.

ACC curing ovens are dedicated for technical products :

  • Very low density (4 kg/m3)
  • Very high density (240 kg/m3)
  • Calibrated products – flatness 0,4 mm
  • Skidding

Safety of the curing oven

  • Safety is controlled by a safety PLC
  • EVS to save datas and control safety functions
  • Surveillance à distance des paramètres de fonctionnement
  • Fire mist technology that guarantees a significant reduction of fire occurence
Wide shot of an ACC curing oven installation
Ergonomic curing oven with optimized air flow

Optimized air distribution

  • Blowing on all the lenght of each eating zone
  • Reversible zones
  • By pass

Maintenance and operator friendly

  • All mechanical parts and bearings are accessible from outside. No need to wait for temperature decrease to start maintenance
  • Access to fans and burner skids on a platform, all parts areaccessible at operator ergonomic level.
  • Chain overloop control system to secure and to reduce time for starting operation.

Production data record and analysis Messaging

  • Communication between the operators and the machine
  • Production reports
  • Online maintenance guide
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
Curing oven predictive maintenance with IoT platform