Boards and laminated

ALFI Technologies offers panel assembly lines that incorporate demolding, machining, cutting and quality control units…These lines fit to the cold end production line of panels that are molded simultaneously with insulation. The group developed an extensive experience in gluing process for panel assembly

Production of insulating panels

The company got the best from robotics, mecatronics, vision… to meet capacity level and flexibility requirements of customers.

Machining, cutting or painting processes can be added to our standard lines.

Packaging modules are also available :

  • Product or pallet labelling
  • Marking
  • Hooding and wrapping
  • Pack’s feet / spacers insertion
3D modeling of an insulating plate production line

Different possible configurations

ConfigurationCadence (panels/min)Capacity (m²/h)
Multi functions robot2 panels / min170 m²/h
Gantry process4-6 panels / min350 – 525 m²/h
3 robots high capacity process4-6 panels / min430 – 1000 m²/h
Laminating system for insulating panels
Robotized unit for insulating panels laminating