ALFI Technologies markets a VR fire extinguisher simulator

Extincteur VR : the new simulator from ALFI Technologies

ALFI Technologies is now marketing a virtual reality simulator for firefighting training.

Called Extincteur VR (VR fire extinguisher), this simulator uses the latest advances in virtual reality. It was developed in the spirit of the French Fab, in collaboration with local training specialists, experts in occupational risk prevention, firefighters and the CARSAT to validate the educational content of the training.

Training through “serious gaming

Designed in the spirit of “serious gaming”, Extincteur VR uses the codes:

  • A short format, the trainee takes part in a few minutes training for a scenario
  • Fun and interactive scenarios that allow you to confront danger without taking any risks
  • Varied, evolving and customizable scenarios

This serious game is based on several scenes to promote the acquisition of new skills. The training allows you to understand several types of fires such as electrical fires, gas fires, fryer fires…

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The simulator is designed to be easily transported and installed in a short time by the trainer. He can interact with the trainee in his virtual environment. The other participants follow the progress of the training on a screen.