BRANIS factory (Algeria) : A confirmed success!

Since it started production in 2014, the Branis site in Biskra, the largest brickworks in Algeria, has successfully illustrated the contribution of the latest innovations in the field of clay brick production.

BRANIS has chosen the ALFI Technologies group

For the construction of these two new sites in Biskra and Sidi Bel Abbes, the Hoggui family has again chosen the solutions developed by ALFI Technologies for the first site in Branis.

The company, which invests heavily in R&D, makes the difference with its innovative approach based on a multi-market experience.

Equipment for the manufacture of heavy clay products

By successfully positioning itself in different markets (automotive industry, building materials, logistics…) to strengthen its activity, it has indeed demonstrated its ability to adapt and its creativity by exploiting the best ideas and proposing solutions dedicated to terracotta:

  • Handling lines for green or dry products (cutters, loaders, stackers, unstackers)
  • Dryers with innovative mechanisms (ANJOU® APO fast dryer with optimized pitch)
  • Car handling
  • Palletizers and packers
  • Robotic car cleaners
  • Forged steel wagon wheels
  • Oven doors

Renovation of equipment for the clay industry

In addition to the new installations of handling lines and equipment delivered on a turnkey basis, Alfi Technologies proposes an offer dedicated to the renovation of production sites:

  • Car handling
  • Dryer modification (automatic chain tension, dryer sealing)
  • Increase of dryer capacity
  • Increase in output by robotization (pre-stacking, stacking).