Artificial Intelligence for industrial purposes : Testimony of Yann JAUBERT in “Les Carnets de l’IA”

Yann Jaubert, CEO of ALFI Technologies, a company that has specialized in manufacturing solutions for industry for 50 years, recently took part in the “Les Carnets de l’IA” podcast. In this episode, Yann Jaubert explains how our company is integrating artificial intelligence to transform production lines, cut costs and promote a more sustainable industrial environment.

An innovative approach launched in 2017

Since 2017, ALFI Technologies has undertaken a meticulous collection of data aimed at optimizing the efficiency of its industrial machines. This strategic initiative has enabled our company to develop advanced predictive tools, using artificial intelligence to anticipate and avoid costly incidents for our customers. At the same time, these innovations also contribute to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of our production lines.

Yann Jaubert Les Carnets de l'IA

Discover how ALFI Technologies is building an Intelligent and Sustainable Industrial Future

This episode of“Carnets de l’AI” therefore highlights innovative AI use cases in industry and in the solutions developed by ALFI Technologies.

We invite you to discover these valuable insights by listening to the podcast below: