Geolocation module of trucks and dematerialization of the delivery notes

SMART Tracking and SMART Mobile: Bétons et Agrégats d’Etampes is among the first customers to be equipped

Bétons et Agrégats d’Etampes (BAE)

Based in the south of Essonne, Bétons et Agrégats d’Etampes (BAE ) relies on digital technologies to support its development and offer new services to its customers. It is one of the first ALFI Technologies clients to have adopted the intelligent geolocation and dematerialization modules to optimize its deliveries and to make the flow of information between the head office, the drivers and the clients more fluid and reliable.

Founded in 1995, Bétons et Agrégats d’Etampes (BAE) is a family business specializing in ready-mix concrete and materials trading. BAE stands out by using the latest communication and management technologies: the company is already equipped with the SMART Batching module of the ADLER Smart suite.

By choosing the SMART Tracking and SMART Mobile modules, the company wanted to provide its customers and employees with an added value by sharing reliable information instantly and automatically without driver intervention, for their greater safety.

SMART Tracking: tracking and status of delivery by enhanced geolocation

The SMART Tracking module automatically consolidates geolocation data, information and delivery statuses to provide the centralized system with a detailed follow-up of the tour’s progress.

A synoptic screen gives an access in real time to the position of the truck, to the times of departure from the central office and arrival at the site, to the waiting time, to the time of the beginning of emptying and departure from the site…

  • Optimization of routes and delivery circuits
  • Real-time management of delivery status
  • Fast and global view of the whole fleet with customer and site information
  • Safety, reduction of the number of calls on the road
  • Quality, accuracy, security and fluidity of delivery information
  • Quick and easy installation of a GPS beacon and its sensors on the truck

SMART Mobile: module for dematerialization of delivery notes

Bétons et Agrégats d’Etampes also chose the SMART Mobile module, a delivery note dematerialization module that allows the driver to leave with an electronic delivery note and that stores all the delivery data on a centralized server.

For greater security and better flow of information.

  • Quality, accuracy, security and fluidity of delivery information (sending of BL by e-mail)
  • Control of delivery times
  • Savings in printer consumables
  • Better working comfort for operators and drivers
  • Safety, reduction of the number of calls on the road

More information on the ADLER SMART Suite

These two modules can be connected to the automation and management system of the concrete batching plant and interfaced with the other modules of the ADLER Smart suite, offered by the Automation division of ALFI Technologies.