IDécarbone : Yann JAUBERT introduces our new EcoInUse solution

The IDécarbone conference, the first National Meeting of Decarbonation Industries, was held on October 10, 2022, in Paris. ALFI Technologies participated in this meeting.

Presentation of the EcoInuse solution by Yann JAUBERT

This meeting was the opportunity for Yann JAUBERT, CEO of ALFI Technologies, to present our EcoInuse solution. Available on our IoT platform ALFI InUse, this solution allows manufacturers to optimize their energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions.

Helping manufacturers optimize their energy consumption

The EcoInUse solution helps to decarbonize production processes. This is done by analyzing production and energy consumption data per unit produced on our IoT platform ALFI InUse. With the these compiled data, ALFI Technologies’ teams can create a map of energy consumption for the process, by equipment.

Thanks to this mapping, it is possible toidentify energy consumption excess and to define action plans to eliminate it.

Yann JAUBERT introducing our solution to decarbonize the industry
Yann JAUBERT at the first IDécarbone conference

EcoInuse : A turnkey service

Our technicians ensure the connection of your equipment to establish the information feedback on our IoT platform. This platform is fully secured to store andanalyze your production data.

Experts are available to analyze the process data with you, on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to establish concrete recommendations and to validate the potential sources of energy savings.

decarbonize your business in an agile and efficient way

The benefits of our decarbonation solution

  • Up to 10% or 15% reduction in energy consumption depending on the activity
  • A service accessible to both SMEs and large groups
  • A quick installation that does not generate long downtimes of your production line

EcoInUse solution pricing based on…

  • The package of installation of the material and audit of your process.
  • A monthly subscription for the software license
  • Incentive indexed to the reduction of energy consumption, variable over time