Train ADLER techologies sortant de la base de chargement St Gothard

Inauguration of the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT)

Concreting of the longest tunnel in the world

The Alfi Technologies concreting train, fruit of a unique experience, entered the St. Gotthard tunnel Wednesday, October 13 2010 around 5:00 am. He started the process of concreting the lane of the southern portion of the longest railway tunnel (57 km).

An exceptional project

The commissioning of the train followed several weeks of a real situation testing and validation made on a path of several hundred meters. On-site dedicated technicians of ADLER Digital StillCameraTechnologies team havesupported customer’s technicians who were going to operate the train in order to ensure the best possible start.

A train made by an expert in the concrete industry

Fame, perenity of the company, ability to integrate into a complex project management, are some of criteria for selecting companies that participate in this challenge. ALFI Technologies leverages a long experience in managing such projects, including the provisioning of a concreting train for the Channel Tunnel, but the company has been selected through a technologically unmatched solution also.

A total of 23 cars representing over 1200 tons were delivered by the company to cement the 57 km rail tunnel at a rate of 260 m per day.