U-FLEX : containers, pallets and cardboards unloader

The U-FLEX tipper is a flexible parcel unloading solution for postal sorting centers which handles a wide variety of containers: steel, pallets, boxes... This flexible solution allows to tilt 1 container per minute.

A flexible parcel unloader

The smart and flexible U-FLEX is essential for multi-purpose logistics centers handling steel containers, stacked or wrapped paletts…

This versatile machine that allows you to empty almost any type of container: pallet, gaylord, rolling cage, boxes…

After inserting the container, the tipper the holder and the tilt. the packages fall gently on the cover conveyor and are evacuated on a singulation conveyor.

The U-FLEX flexible parcel unloader

U-FLEX technical features

U-FLEX specifications

  • Nominal throughput : 30s / cycle
  • Locking system : variable pressure clamping jaws, pallet support pins
  • Rated Power : 11 kW
  • Energy : hydraulic

Unit Load Device (ULD)

  • Length : 600mm min to 1250mm max
  • Width : 700mm min to 1000 mm max
  • Height : 500mm min to 2000mm max
  • Max laod : 600kg

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