U-MAX : Outsized parcel unloading solution

An ergonomic and easy-to-use workstation for unloading large packages.

Tipper dedicated to oversized parcels

U-Max is specially designed to unload outsized packages with optimized ergonomics for operators.

Advantages of this equipment :

  • Safe and ergonomics for operators
  • Adapted to all types of pallets and cages
  • Parcel safety
  • Quiet operation

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3D model of an unloader dedicated to large size parcels


Step 1

Loading of the U-MAX tipper
The operator installs the pallet or the container.

Step 2

When the operator crosses the light beam, the unloader is deactivated. Then, the operator can safely access to the container or pallet.

Step 3

The operator can remove oversized packages by rolling them on the conveyor.

U-MAX technical features

U-MAX specifications

  • Throughput : manual
  • Locking system : eletric safety locking
  • Rated Power : 6 kW
  • Energy : electric
  • Antifall system for the containers : Yes

Unit Load Device (ULD)

  • Length : 1000 mm
  • Width : 1200 mm
  • Height : 2200 mm
  • Max load : 600 kg


  • Barcode scanner
  • Weighing station
  • Labelling process
  • Vacuum station for easy handling