Photo de U-PERFOM, basculeurs de colis ultra performants

U-PERFORM : High speed unloader

High speed parcel tipper

Designed for a high speed unloading of parcels, the ALFI Technologies’s U-PERFORM tipper is an economical solution for the unloading of steel or cardboard containers.

The advantages of the U-PERFORM tipper :

  • Very high speed
  • Limited space requirement
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • Safety of the operator
  • Secure process
High performance U-PERFORM parcel unloader

Technical features of the U-PERFORM


  • Nominal cycle : 30 s
  • Locking system : variable pressure clamping jaws, pallet support pins
  • Rated power : 7,5 kW
  • Energy : hydraulic

Unit Load Device (ULD)

  • Length : 600mm min to 1250mm max
  • Width : 500mm min to 850 mm max
  • Height : 500mm min to 1600mm max
  • Max load : 600kg

Combined equipment and services

  • Reception conveyors controlled by the unloader
  • Peripheral protection
  • Parcel singulation system
  • On site / remote / video maintenance
  • Remote control