Système de stockage automatisé de carton ondulé

Stacker crane for logistics centers

Automated storage of products

Automated storage and retrieval systems developed by ALFI Technologies allows you to automate the storage of multisized products (such as bars, rolls, pallets, packs…) at the same place.

In addition, we can store products from your suppliers, intermediate products and products for shipment to your customers at the same location.

Advantages of our stacker cranes

  • Saving place for storage
  • Safe solution to secure product tracking
  • Reduce damages on parcels
  • Automatic optimization of storage

Products specifications

  • Weight : up to 3 500 kg
  • Length : 1 000 mm to 6 000 mm
  • Width : up to 1 300 mm
  • Height : up to 2 700 mm

A scalable stacker crane

Each automated storage and retrieval systems is suited to the storage building, in order to optimize space. Dynamic storage makes products available for operators automatically in ergonomic picking stations.

Thanks to ALFI Technologies’ computerized management system, you can know in real time your stock levels, control your consumption and optimize your supplies.

If your storage capacity grows, system is ready to be increased by adding a shuttle and new racks. This is an economic and flexible solution issued of 40 years experience.

Logistics stacker crane for CHAUSSON MATÉRIAUX
Logistics stacker crane for variable size products