Sustainable cities

ALFI Technologies (its subsidiary ALFI Fimec ) joins VIVAPOLIS. Launched in 2013, VIVAPOLIS is the umbrella brand aiming at distinguishing the sustainable cities and their specificities and bringing together French stakeholders – both public and private – who want to promote a shared ambition for sustainable urban development at the international level.


ALFI Technologies (its subsidiary ALFI Adler) is a member of CoDEM- le BATLAB, a transfer center specializing in the development of innovative products for construction and renovation. The center supports the industrialization of innovative projects.


ALFI Technologies is a member of this association of international industrial stakeholders such as EDF, VEOLIA, Renault and PSA, which aims at defining the best practices in terms of Industrial Ecology and at carrying out industrial-scale experiments among its members.

Industrial Ecology Stakeholders

Près de 80 % des matériaux de construction d’une habitation peuvent être fabriqués avec des équipements proposés par ALFI Technologies. Le groupe investit donc naturellement une large part de son budget R&D dans des projets liés aux matériaux de construction et à la réduction de l’impact de la construction sur l’environnement, à chaque étape du cycle de vie des matériaux :

  • Reducing the energy consumption of production equipment
  • Designing concrete presses able to produce lighter, better insulating blocks made out of sustainably sourced or recycled materials
  • Developing custom-made multi-material lamination solutions to improve building insulation

At its level, ALFI Technologies takes concrete action upstream in a collective effort to achieve sustainable cities.