ADLER A580 press

High perfromance vibrating block making machine

First machine in term of capacity of the Advanced range, the A580 concrete blocks making machine equipped with an electro-mechanical agitator is particularly suitable in the manufacture of lightweight aggregates or with complex shapes products, in addition to blocks, pavers and kerbstones.

Cross-sectional view of the ADLER A580 block making machine
Side view of the A580 ADLER concrete block making machine

Molding capacity of the A580 block making machine

ModelNumber of productsProduction /8hMolding surfaceMolding height mini/maxi
A580 M15 blocks 20x20x50 cm (french)12 0001168 x 620 mm25 / 330 mm
A580 M29 blocks 20x20x40 cm (hollow)21 6001 336 x 620 mm25 / 330 mm
A580 M125 pavers 10x20x6 cm1 600 m²1168 x 620 mm25 / 330 mm
A580 M230 pavers 10x20x6 cm1 900 m²1336 x 620 mm25 / 330 mm
A580 M1/M23 kerbstones T25 100 ml1168 or 1336 x 620 mm25 / 330 mm

Pallets size

DimensionsA580 M1A580 M2
Front width1250 mm1400 mm
Length650 mm700 mm

* production can vary, depending on the regularity of aggregates, concrete quality, machine settings and the handling type.