Concrete production line : Easy Access

This range meets the demands of customers wanting to produce with lower production capacity requirements, relying on semi-automatic or fully automated handling (according to the block making machine type), while benefiting from easy operation and maintenance.

Easy Access production line with block making machine

By developing the Easy Access range, ALFI Technologies has endeavored to define a range that makes the production of concrete materials accessible to all its customers, regardless of their geographical location and the amount they wish to invest.

These concrete production solutions remain flexible and scalable (handling automation, automatic or robotized palletization, etc.) to support their development.

3D plan of an affordable production line

Equipment of the Easy Access line

Blocks making machine and molds

The Easy Access vibrating presses range is adapted for the production of a wide range of products (blocks, pavers, curbs …):

These high performance vibratory presses were designed to :

  • Be simple to use
  • Guarantee an easy maintenance
  • Ensure a rapid increase in production
  • Work in the most severe conditions

ALFI Technologies realizes any type of molds (CS Moules range), adapted for Easy Access and Advanced ranges but also presses of all brands for the production of standard and special blocks, rectified blocks, slabs, paving, curbs, decorative products, etc …

Conveyor and handling

ALFI Technologies offers robust, high-performance, scalable and versatile solutions for handling fresh and dried products: conveyors, elevators, descenders …

The degree of automation of these handling solutions may change depending on production needs, capacity increase requirements and investment capacity. Such handling may be supplemented by transfer cars, palletizing gribs or robots…


Racks and curing area

Products are stored on racks before being placed in the curing chambers.

In the case of favorable weather conditions, curing rooms can be replaced by roofed a zone for drying.


Conveyor and palletizing

Palletizing, manual on this installation plan, can be automated and robotized and can include paquetizing possibility (for transport witout pallet).

Line control

Control station and HMI of a concrete production line