Equipements pouvant être rénovés par ALFI Technologies

Heavy clay equipment renovation

40 years of experience on the heavy clay market

Since 1975, FIMEC has always gathered under its banner the teams of the CERIC group dedicated to the design and manufacture of handling solutions for heavy clay bricks and tiles production lines.

In 2010, this experienced team joined the ALFI Technologies group and offers to its customers spare parts, services and renovations of production units based on this exceptional know how and a rich database of plans of machines known on the market (ANJOU ® dryers, wagon cleaners…).

Cleaner of heavy clay bricks

Equipment renovation

With our equipment refurbishment service, we provide the parts as well as the labor.

Car handling

Transporter for clay bricks

ALFI Technologies proposes its services for the renovation of equipment related to kiln cars handling, on the mechanic part as well as the functionning part :

  • Ferry
  • Pusher
  • Shifter
  • Control head
  • Winch
  • Car presence
  • Car brakes
  • Accessories

Car cleaner

Wide shot of a car cleaner
Close shot of a wagon dusting machine

Grinding machines

Close-up of a grinding machine on a heavy clay brick production line

Dryer and oven door

Loading of an ANJOU® brick dryer
Closing the oven door of the ANJOU® dryer

ANJOU® dryer

Photo of an ANJOU® high speed dryer for heavy clay

Concerning our ANJOU® dryers, we propose refurbishment services for :

  • Mechanics : rollers, pivots, swings, trunnions and drives
  • Aeraulics : ventilation
  • Thermics : burners

Destacker and palletizer

Brick unstacker and packer in workshop
Photo of a brick unstacker in a clay production plant

Installation retrofit

  • Automation
  • Electricity
  • Rewiring