Système de stockage automatisé de carton ondulé

Logistics solutions for insulating products

Efficent logistics areas are challenging for mineral wool plants that needs to face an important range of different products and large inside/outside storage areas. For 40 years, ALFI Technologies have been designing and developping intralogistics equipments. ALFI Technologies adapts these solutions for insulation products.

Pallet gantry and train loading

ALFI Technologies proposes a secured end of line unit able to fill in a train with pallets : savings are expected due to the reduced number of forklifts used to transfer pallets

Saving: 50% of the forklifts
Safety : less circulation on storage area

3D model of a pallet train loading system

Manual loading

For specific products, we developped a large range of telescopic boom conveyors dedicated to heavy / large products. These units are used for manual ergonomic charging of the packs / rolls.

Manual loading of a transport truck with an ALFI Technologies telescopic conveyor

Automated storage for semi-finished products

ALFI Technologies proposes turnkey units with number of rows and columns according to customer expectation or available place.

This solution permits to have less circulation inside the factory, to save place and to manage storage of the boards.

3D model of a transstacker for semi-finished insulation products