Equipement pour la découpe de matelas isolants

Pannels cutting and shredding

Cutting of insulating boards

ALFI technologies proposes cutting devices to cut edges and the wool mattress, whether it be longitudinally or transversally. Either based on standard technologies or watterjet, these cutting solutions are used to prepare specific goods for insulation industries.

These units are also used to prepare feet for pallets (no pallet palletizing). They can be easily integrated to our other solutions for the production of insulating materials.

3D model of a cutting station

Our different cutting solutions

Longitudinal saw

Longitudinal cutting solution with saws
  • Equipped with 1 to 6 saws
  • Product thickness up to 300 mm


Cutting equipment for insulating panels with chopper
  • Max. cuts per min : 60
  • 2 linear modules with servomotors working independently allowing squareness correction
  • Knife system with a crank, reducer and servomotor
  • Platform for maintenance access to the upper part of the machine

Gantry for transversal saw

3D model of a gantry for cutting insulating panels
  • Max. cutting speed : 120 m/mn
  • Synchronized carriage
  • Platform for maintenance access to the upper part of the machine


3D plan of a shredder

Waste generated by production or edge trimming are shredded before being blown into a storage silo. This high quality shredding machine makes possible to recycle them in the production of blocks or bricks with insertion of loose fill insulation.