Steel flights for forming and curing ovens

ALFI Technologies brings you its expertise in the design and manufacture of steel flights for forming machines and curing ovens.

  • Production according to drawings if provided by customer
  • Drawings of the ACC range of flights archived for more than 40 years
  • Redesign with stress calculations to prevent fom deformations
  • Conveyor audit including belts, rails, chain guides, chains, sprocket wheels… to ensure the best flight handling and to optimize your process
  • Can be delivered in assembled sections, with conveyor flatness adjustment


  • Experienced draughts men, dedicated to equipment and parts for the production of mineral wool (ACC equipment design office)
  • Optimization of flights design for existing installations (optimized sealing to limit leaks and optimize curing of the product)
  • Multi-material flights, stainless steel sheet on steel structure, or all full stainless steel for forming machines
  • Assembly in sections


  • Mass production (robot + shift work) to reduce lead times
  • Welding robots for flights up to 150 kg / 3m
  • Production capacity: up to 25 flights/shift depending on pallet size and complexity


  • Finite element design and calculation to optimize weight and prevent from deformations
  • Quality control with on-site monitoring procedure
  • Strictest tolerance :
    – flatness of 0.6mm for raw flights according to customer requirements
    – flatness up to 0.2 / 0.4 mm depending on size for machined flights