SITL 2024: Come and discover ALFI Technologies’ intralogistics solutions!

ALFI Technologies at SITL 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at SITL 2024 in Villepinte from March 19 to 21, 2024!

Our expertise in the handling of heavy loads has enabled us to develop stacker cranes dedicated to non-standard products, robots for palletizing bulky products deposited vertically, tippers for gentle unloading of parcels… We’ll be presenting these solutions at SITL 2024!

Come and meet our team at stand H038!

Solutions presented by alfi Technologies at SITL 2024

Stacker cranes for long and heavy products SITL 2024

Stacker cranes for long, heavy products

ALFI Technologies offers automated storage solutions with stacker cranes dedicated to long, bulky products: clapboard, purlins, beams, concrete products for water treatment... ALFI Technologies has designed and commissioned the largest automated warehouse for wood in Europe. It enables :

  • Facilitate the storage and shipment of long products (up to 13m)
  • Optimize and pre-package orders
  • Secure your storage space by limiting the movement of large products.
  • Reduce your store’s footprint.
Robot palletizer and multi-reference order picker at SITL 2024

Robot palletizer and multi-reference order picker

With multifunctional gripping tools adapted to all types of product, robotic islands are ideal for heavy, bulky products (for palletizing joinery products such as windows, doors and solar panels….).

Our intelligent robotic palletizing solution PACKTRIS®patented by ALFI Technologies, optimizes warehouse order picking.

Discover our other intralogistics solutions

Handling large flat products

Conveyors, shuttles, vertical stackers, picking operator stations dedicated to bulky flat products (sheets, mattresses, etc.).

Industrial vertical storage solutions

Very often used
for loading machining or welding units, this storage serves as a buffer in the production chain.

Automated outdoor storage solutions

Solutions to create a circuit inside/outside the building (improved safety for forklift drivers, energy savings)