ADLER concrete blocks making machines

At the heart of our production lines for concrete products, ADLER single or double row vibrating presses are associated with semi or fully automated handling equipment, automatic or robotized palletizing...

ADLER block making machines

Precast manufacturers’ requirements change with the concrete market evolution. To help their customers to fit the market in terms of pace, new products and costs, ALFI Technologies has completely redesigned its range of block-making machines.

Production capacities, automation level and features depend on the vibrating machine model and selected options.

Different models of ADLER vibrating presses

Our range of concrete block making machines

A330 ADLER concrete press

Concrete block making mahcine for the Easy Access production line. Adapted to the manufacture of french and hollow blocks, pavers, kerbstone…

A530 ADLER press

A multi-product and high performance ADLER block making machine. Adapted to the production of concrete blocks, pavers and even kerbstone.

A860N ADLER press

An ergonomic and easy-to-use for operators ADLER block making machine, for the manufacture of concrete blocks, pevers and kerbstones.

ADLER A580 press

A very high performance block making machine for the production of concrete blocks, pavers, kerbstones and other porducts with lightweight

ADLER A880 press

This large format and high performance ADLER block making machine is adapted to the manufacture of classic and lightweight concrete blocks with a well-managed cost price.

Equipements for ADLER vibrating presses

High performance molds

Molds adapted to our range of ADLER block making machines, allowing the optimization of your manufacturing of concrete products.

Mold cleaning equipment

Steel easle for easy maintenance of your molds. An ergonomic and easy to use support for the molds of your ADLER presses.

Heavy duty and scalable presses

An heavy-duty and modular frame to meet the change of your needs. The one-piece frame embed in concrete foundations absorbs residual vibrations and ensures longer life for the block-making machine. It allows a better cycle repetition and a constant quality of the final product. The guiding of the mold and tamper is made by 4 columns, to get a better master of its seat.

  • Long life of ADLER vibrating machines and molds
  • Constant quality of production
  • Lifetime warranty of the tamper
  • Steadier block-making machine
  • More accurate presses
  • Better products regularity (better height precision)

MoviAdler : a patented vibration system

The exclusive MoviAdler system enables to precisely control the vibration conditions of the mold during the different steps of the cycle. It works on the rotation speed and phase shift of vibrators (variable and electronic strength and frequency).

  • Speed up of machines’ cycles
  • Lower electrical consumption
  • Optimum aggregates distribution and compaction in the concrete
  • Help to reduce the cement quantity in the concrete with equivalent mechanical strength
  • Higher lifespan of molds and molding boards
Press vibration system patented by ALFI Technologies

Mecatronic feedbox agitator

ADLER Technologies developed a new solution to fill in mold thanks to the latest mecatronics evolutions. The agitator speed and kinematics vary depending on aggregates type to accurately control the movement of the agitator and to change its position during the filling.

  • Optimum homogenization of concrete in the mold
  • Suitable for products with lightweight aggregates
  • Fit filling of molds with complex shapes

User-friendly and intuitive automation

The monitoring of ALFI Technologies’ vibrating machines is realized by automatons that enable the adjustment of all parameters of the machine during the production. It masters the products quality instantly.

  • Fast and easy start
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Monitoring of the block-making machine and production line via a tablet (Wifi mode)

Express mold changing

A motorized mold changing system (depending on models and options) is placed above the outlet conveyor of finished products.

Combined with a quick mold fixing device (FRAD), it enables fast changes in production, in less than 15 min. (for products of the same family, time between the stop and the restart of production). A remote controller of the main functions of the machine facilitates the mold change operations.

Motorized mold inserter for vibrating presses

Easy maintenance

ALFI Technologies designs vibrating block making machines focusing on innovation and sturdiness to minimize maintenance operations. Remote control to pilot at low speed the movements required for the maintenance and change of the mold. Tamper beam and frame design enable to reduce and ease maintenance of guiding parts (rings, seals, scrappers, columns). Change of columns is made by lateral removal.